Census shows surge in population of endangered Hangul stag in Kashmir

The security measures taken by the Jammu and Kashmir authorities in Srinagar proved beneficial for hangul or Kashmir stag, as the state saw a gradual surge in its population.
The experts of the Wildlife department of Dachigam national park in collaboration with Wildlife Trust of India conducted a special census.
“We are taking certain measures like ‘Captive Breeding Programme’. It’s a good step and if it becomes successful here (Dachigam National Park), then it would be extremely helpful. And the best thing is that if the situation improves here (Kashmir), the habitat which is known as ‘mamun’ in local language and if it do not get disturbed because of the security forces and due to others who venture into forests during the course of operations, the habitat of hangul would become safe,” said Nazir Malik, a forest guard in Dachigam National Park.
Wildlife Warden of central Kashmir, Rashid Naqash, said that the result of the census is satisfactory.
He further said that they have certain long-term plans like Conservation Action plan for stags and it is yet to be executed. After the plan is implemented, it would result in the increase of the population of stags in future.
“In our previous census of 2009, the last count was around 175. So, in comparison with the previous census, the present census report of 2011 shows the count of 218 (hangul) and the standard deviation is about (13). We do not consider this increase as very big. There is a gradual increase in their population,” he added.


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