China’s Xinhau exposes India; A gruesome picture of unmarked graves in Kashmir


Beijing: China’s state-run Xinhua news agency is running a report that shows a gruesome picture of a burial ground filled with unmarked graves in Poonch in Jammu & Kashmir. Bodies are mostly brought in for burial by the police and the army, and some of them are brought without their heads, the report said quoting local sources.
The report, which would be carried by several Chinese newspapers, is likely to cause some ripples in the region. It may be viewed by some in India as an attempt to justify China’s involvement with the political system and development projects in Pakistan-administered Kashmir, while others might see it as an expose of the highhandedness of armed forces.
The State Human Rights Commission has recently asked the government to identify unmarked graves in 38 sites in the northwest of Srinagar city, the report noted. The Commission has found there are over 2,100 unidentified bodies in the area, it said.


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