DeM stages anti-US protest against Aafia’s plight

By: Muhammad Zahid
Srinagar: The Dukhtaran-e-Milat (DeM) on Friday staged a demonstration here against the imprisonment and alleged sexual assault of Aafia Sidique, a Pakistani neuro-scientist in a US jail.
Holding placards and shouting anti-US slogans, scores of activists led by DeM Chief, Asiya Andrabi staged protest against Aafia’s alleged sexual assault and continuous detention in US.
Later the activists burnt a flag of US at Residency Road here.
“The clerics of Pakistan and the Muslim community throughout the World should pressurize American administration to release Aafia immediately. US felt that Aafia was a threat to their evil designs because she was a Muslim scientist and that is why they tagged her as a member of the Al Qaeda,” Asiya said.
She said Aafia has spent two years in US jail. “She is being subjected to severe torture in the custody. What is her fault?” Asiya asked.
Asiya quoted recent media reports of sexual assault against Aafia, saying she lost her new born baby Maryam in the Jail. “She has been sexually assaulted in the custody by the brutal American soldiers,” Asiya alleged.
Pertinently, Aafia is an American educated Pakistani cognitive neuro-scientist who was convicted of assault with intent to murder her USA interrogators in Afghanistan.
In September 2010, she was sentenced for 86 years in prison by a US district court.


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