Flood-hit cling to pets, refuse to leave them behind

Srinagar: “Take my wife, take my kids but I will come only when you first take my puppies on the boat.”
These were the words of an eminent doctor to a rescue team that had come to evacuate him and his family from flood-hit Jawahar Nagar locality of Kashmir.
“Our focus was on rescuing as many humans as possible but this doctor would not get on the boat till we take his two small dogs first,” a rescue worker from State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) told PTI.
The rescuers, who were initially reluctant, had to give in to the stubbornness of the doctor and took the dogs on board in order to ensure that the medico is rescued.
However, the doctor’s story did not end there.
As the other flood survivors saw the doctor clinging to his puppies, they started hurling whatever objects they could find towards the boat.
“Luckily, we are able to sail through without getting hit,” the rescue worker said.
The rescue teams, both official as well as those made up of volunteers, shared several anecdotes wherein the humans refused to leave without their pets.
In one case, a female officer of the state government was rescued from her Rajbagh residence as the flood water was rising towards second storey of her three-storey house.
“While we were moving towards a safer place, this woman started shouting that we have left her ‘Maxi’ behind. We told her ‘Madam, you can get a new one from the market later”, a rescue worker from National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) said.


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