Grand Mufti breaks silence on Geelani’s criticism over Conversion issue

Srinagar: After sharp criticism by Hurriyat Conference (G) Chairman Syed Ali Shah Geelani and a section of civil society, Grand Mufti today broke his silence over the controversial verdict banning some Christian Pastors in Valley.
“A statement published under the title ‘Geelani scorns shariet court’ followed by a series of sensational stories in print media compel me to rebut and refute these allegations made by some unknown individuals of the so-called civil society,” reads a statement from the deputy Grand Mufti issued on Wednesday.
“I am not surprised by what is being published by some reporters of the Indian media because of their prejudice and proclivities. What is unfortunate and intriguing is that such statements are coming from some members of the community which professes Islam as their faith,” he said.
The deputy Grand Mufti said that the issue was neither political nor personal, but purely a matter of faith.
“It was agonising to note that some of our boys and girls were being converted to Christianity by unethical allurements and immoral inducements. I personally believe that this is a more important matter than any other public issue related to our community. Everyone has a right to criticise any individual or his actions but one cannot do so if such criticism encourages blasphemy and irreverent references to the holy Prophet (PBUH),” the statement quoting Grand Mufti, said.
It is pertinent to mention here that the persons involved in converting Muslim boys and girls to Christianity by illegal and unethical means were expelled from the state in order to maintain amity and fraternal relations between communities and to avoid bad blood and unwarranted confrontation between them.
“It needs to be made clear that there is no ban on the functioning of missionary schools which have contributed a lot to the spread of education in the state. It is only the wrong doers who have been identified for action. However, we have to guard against the possibility of such mischievous elements succeeding in disturbing communal peace and harmony in the state. The need of hour is to constantly monitor their conduct and activities. It is therefore the duty of the people and the state Government to ensure that such mischievous elements are not allowed to indulge in nefarious activities anywhere in the state,” it said.
“I take this opportunity to urge all those who disagree with the expulsion of wrong doers for their misdeeds to suggest what else could be done in the circumstances of the case, keeping in view the larger interests of the faith, peace and order in the state and the requirements of communal harmony,” the Grand Mufti added.


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