Martyr’s Memorial Row: Administration succumbs; Memorial to be erected!

Pulwama: The Auqaaf Committee and Traders Federation Pulwama today held a half an hour meet with Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, Asgar Samoon, and decided to break the deadlock.
It was decided in the meeting that Pulwama will return to normalcy tomorrow after a complete shutdown of 13 days.
The residents here in Pulwama had been adamant on installing a martyr’s memorial at the local Shaheed Park.
Police and the civil administration, however, foiled repeated attempts by the general public.
In today’s meet, it was decided that the memorial will be erected at a later stage. “The martyr’s memorial board will be erected on Saturday or Sunday”, a member, who was part of the meet, said.
The members of both committees have also agreed upon making significant changes in the design of the proposed memorial.
The administration has reportedly conceded to the demand of releasing all the youth who have been held behind bars for their alleged role in stone pelting and law and order problems during the past fortnight.
Police have been cracking down heavily on local youth perceived to have been involved with the agitation.
It remains to be seen whether the youth arrested will be released by the police or not.


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