“NHPC looting power resources of J&K”


Srinagar: The Kashmir Centre for Social and Developmental Studies (KCSDS) has served an ultimatum to the Jammu and Kashmir government to be ready for facing public wrath if it failed to take over the ownership, control and management of the power projects of Salal, Uri and Dul Hasti from National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC) by December end this year.
In a meeting of KCSDS held under the chairmanship of Professor Hameedah Nayeem, the members observed that the cabinet sub-committee constituted by the present state government was conspicuously involved in the dilly dallying tactics in order to accommodate and find ways to consider the request of NHPC Ltd for grant of fresh ownership, lease or license in respect of these projects as the later had not obtained any of these in the past.
The members, taking clue from the legal position on Salal, Uri and Dul Hasti power projects as clarified by some legal experts, have demanded immediate taking over of these power projects in view of their “illegal” and “unconstitutional” control by NHPC Ltd. in violation of the provisions of the JandK constitution as well as JandK Electricity Act.
The members asked the minister for Public Health Engineering (PHE), Taj Mohiuddin to translate his statements into action and initiate action against NHPC beyond 12th of November, 2011 as publicly announced by him in a recently held seminar.
The members lambasted the successive state governments for their failure in protecting the resources of the state from exploitation by outsiders. They said that all governments have failed their subjects in good governance and proper utilization of the water resources in the interest of the state subjects.
The members of the civil society warned the state government of dire consequences if it continued to facilitate “loot” of water resources by NHPC and others.
They said that all the natural resources including water belonged to the subjects of the JandK state irrespective of their caste, creed and religion and as such these needed to be exploited for their mutual benefits adding that the people from all the three regions of Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh are united on this vital issue.
Speaking on the occasion, Chairperson KCSDS Hameedah Nayeem informed the members that her organization in association with other civil society groups had started an awareness campaign against them is deeds of NHPC in connivance of the successive state governments and will continue to hold seminars, workshops and round table conferences in the length and breadth of the state.
She appealed the cross section of society to join the movement in order to gear up tirade against the present dispensation till all power projects were returned to the subjects of the state.
Former President Federation Chamber of Industries Kashmir (FCIK), Shakeel Qalander while making a detailed presentation of all agreements and violations thereof by NHPC stressed need for having NHPC-excluded deals by present and all future dispensations.
He also emphasized the need for a forceful and vibrant civil society platform comprising the credible faces from cross section of the society. He, however, stated that the issues of vital importance needed to be institutionalized in order to stop the vested interest to hijack the programme at any point of time.
Noted Charted Accountant Abdul Majid Zargar informed the meeting that execution of all power projects through a state owned listed company would have always been a better option in order to increase revenue generation in the medium and long run.
He said that raising funds for the power projects by any company is not nowadays considered to be a problem in view of great interest being taken by the public and banks in subscribing and lending for such high viability and profitability sector.
Noted columnists Javed Iqbal, Z.G Mohammad, Abdul Majid Siraj, Abdul Majid Zargar, Qurat-ul-Ain and Rouf Malik were requested by participants of the meeting to write columns about the misdeeds of NHPC and state authorities for awareness of general public.
Abdul Majid Siraj was also entrusted job of compilation of a document on the issue.
While talking to IBNS, the former president of FCIK, Shakeel Qalandar said that NHPC is exploiting the resources of Jammu and Kashmir while the state government is acting as a mute spectator.


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