No one can divide Kashmiris: Malik

Soibugh (Budgam): The JKLF Chairman Yasin Malik on Sunday said Kashmiri people cannot be divided on the basis of sects and clans.
“Kashmiri people are linked through a common culture of humanity. Agents who try to divide people on such basis are the real enemies of our movement,” he told a gathering here in central Kashmir.
“Our religious scriptures teach us that the pure follower of Islam is one who shares the pain of others,” Malik said.
He urged people to remember the sacrifices of the martyrs. “The JK has been griped by widespread grieve, fear and terror. We shouldn’t forget the victims of conflict in this confusion,” he said.
Malik said the survival of the movement depends on mutual understanding among different communities living in JK.
On the occasion he applauded the contributions made by Syed Hamid-ullah Haqqani, administrator of the Haqqani Memorial Trust, Kashmir.


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