Sheena community demands Scheduled Tribe status


Srinagar: As per the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir state during the session 1989, some communities in state were specified and decleared as “Scheduled Tribes” among the specified communities like Balti, Beda, Bot, Bota and the community Dard/Shin was one and was enlisted in serial no 4. During the session 1991, reservation rule was amended and some more communities were specified as Schedule Tribe among which Gujjar, Bakerwal community, was another and was enlisted as serial no 9. Right from 1989 all the specified communities are enjoying the benifits of ST status with full honour and dignity but unfortunately only Dard Shin Community residing in Kangan tehsil of District Ganderbal has been ignored and refused the benifits of ST Status by the competent authority for the reasons best known to them.
More than four thousand families of Dard Shin Tribe are residing in Tehsil Kangan since 1975. The whole population of Sarbal village belong to Dard Shin community residing in this village since before the partition of the country which means 60 years back. Another significance is Prang village where some more families are residing since 1966. The villages like Akhal, Gonchi Mohalla, Check, Nela, Nejwan, Tang Chatar, Hayan, Kulan, Wussan, Mamar, Sarbal, Sonamarg etc of Tehsil Kangan where most people are from Dard Shin community and they all are being denied their rights. However at some other places people of the same community like Natipora, Kralpora, Bandipora, Gurez, Tulail, Moujigund, Drass, Rajouri, Chandarkot in Jammu are fully enjoying the status. Central Government has given the right that wherever the members of the Dard Shin tribe may reside, they can get the status of ST under SRO 126 without the tehsil Kangan. Every individual of the same tribe enjoys the right, said Ab Gani Beigh of Wani Mohalla of Kangan tehsil. The poor, deprived and helpless Dard Shin Community residing in Kangan area got the orders from Hon’ble Lower and High court of Jammu and Kashmir with the clear instructions to the Tehsildar Kangan for issuance of ST Certificate and providing of all the benefits under reservation rules, but unfortunately the orders issued by the Hon’ble court and higher authorities are completely ignored by Kangan Authorities, said the President of “Shina Welfare Association” Tehsil Kangan. By this inhuman behavior and attitude of Adminstration the poor and helpless Dard Shin Community is completely demoralised and have lost all the hopes for betterment of their future generation. As all the members of Dard Shin Community residing in the different Tehsils of state of Jammu And Kashmir are fully enjoying the status of Scheduled Tribe with honour and dignity including Tehsil Ganderbal, only the people of Dard Shin Community residing in Tehsil Kangan are refused the benifits under ST status and the certificate is not issued by the Tehsil Kangan. A representation was made to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir by the Shina Welfare Association but he was also helpless in front of his cabinet and nothing was done, said a Dard Shin member of Gonchi Mohalla Kangan, Mr Ghulam Mohd Lone.
The case bearing OWP 448 of 2002 read with C.M.P No 74202 was also decided in favour of the Dard Shin Tribe on 21-09-2005 and in this regard also the Social Welfare Department issued the circular in favour of the Applicants of Dard Shin Tribe inhabitants of Tehsil Kangan. But when the Applicants of Dard Shin Community applied in Kangan Tehsil, they were refused and the poor people again approached the Hon’ble High Court of J&K for redressed of their grievence and the Hon’ble High Court further on 12-05-2010 under case no 3065/13/05/05/2010 decided in favour of the Applicants. This time also, it proved futile.
The community requested the authorities to grant them their rightful ST status without further delay otherwise they will be forced to come on roads.

Beigh Irshad Beigh Irshad
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