UK’s Hyndburn City Council expresses support to Kashmiris’ Right to Self determination

By: Khizar Hayat Abbasi
London, Nov 12: United Kingdom’s Hyndburn Borough Council has adopted a resolution supporting Kashmiri peoples’ Right to Self Determination at a full Council meeting. Moved by councillor Allah Dad, a member of the Diaspora of Kashmiri origin from the conservative group, the resolution supported the Right of Self Determination of the people of Jammu Kashmir as agreed by the UN Security Council in 1948.
The resolution also took into consideration the ongoing civil and Human Rights violations in Kashmir valley and demanded an end to all such violations. It was further reiterated that the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of British Government must provide an answer what role was present government playing to bring an end to such violations.
Dr Misfar Hassan, the County Councillor who lobbied the Labour group for this resolution expressed gratitude to the Leader of the Labour group Mr Miles Parkinson, Councillor Munsif Dad, Councillor Ciaran Wells, Councillor M Ayub and all members of the Labour Group in the Hyndburn Council for supporting the resolution.
Speaking on this occasion, he said almost one million British citizens of Kashmiri origin living in United Kingdom are affected directly or indirectly due to ongoing conflict, human rights violations and civil rights abuses in the Kashmir valley and elsewhere in the State of Jammu and Kashmir.
In this context, the British government needs to adopt a proactive role to bring about a just resolution to this issue. He further said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir want to live peacefully with their neighbouring countries and in this regards they support the ongoing dialogue between India and Pakistan. The Kashmiris, he added welcome the confidence building measures such as cross Line of Control trade and travel yet they will not forgo their right to decide their future in a free and fair manner.
Dr Misfar also congratulated and thanked the Councillors of the Conservative group including Councillor Allah Dad, County Councillor Muhammad Younis and member councillors of the conservative group for supporting the resolution. Talking to CC, Muhammad Younis Dr Misfar said that we need to adopt a unified strategy to move similar resolutions in other Boroughs of the country to increase awareness among the elected members of the local councils to develop a consensus of opinion in favour of the civil and political rights for the people of Jammu Kashmir and to bring about lasting peace in the region. Both County Councillors agreed to work jointly in moving similar resolutions in other boroughs of the country. On this occasion Ch Muhammad Zarait of AJK Peoples Party and Mr Mubashir Lone were also present.


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