Afzal: The Innocent Martyr


Afzal, who in a hamlet in Kashmir was born,

Often watched Indians humiliate his people;

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It was for him the dawn of the new morn
When he decided to fight for his own people;
Kashmiris’ plight made him take up arms one day
It is then when he put himself in harm’s way
He wanted to kill invaders but he did not kill,
His heart could never anyone’s blood spill;
Despite commanding a group of armed men
He decided to shun the armed struggle then,
He then tried very hard to resume his life
But, Indians only added to his internal strife
He was tormented, humiliated and tortured,
He was labelled as a criminal and nearly murdered
This was done by all from Indian Army to Police
By the likes of Davinder who snatched his peace
His wife was humiliated and so was his child
Till they felt as if they were living in the wild
Finally, was he made a scapegoat in a Case
By the Agencies who tried to save their face
Tortured he was to get a confession under duress
Such is Indian Justice System which is a mess
Whole trial was a farce, no one defended him
With concocted evidence, they convicted him
This they did to satisfy the Saffron Terror Groups
Behold, how low the savage India stoops!
The innocent man was hanged in Prison ‘Tihar’
In secrecy was it done as an act of war
He wanted to see his child once before his death
He was denied that chance before his last breath
He was buried in an unmarked grave in Tihar
But his martyrdom has made him a shining star
To the One True God did he bear his allegience,
In the middle of a mob looking for vengeance
We identify ourselves with him and his plight
We will resist India’s jingoism and its military might!

Mark Adonis

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