Holy Inferno

Hey Hey Hey ! See, somewhere again fire is raging

 Hey Hey Hey ! See, this fire has been lit with our own oil

Look, how satisfied they feel watching that inferno
 Look, how they pushed us down on our own soil.
O! How blind we pretend to be while we spectate
 O! How scared we feel to see their machines of war
No! Why should I risk my existence by asking them to stop
 Know! They are droning Muslims somewhere away so quite far
But hey! The fire which is raging is somewhat quite different
 But hey! The smoke coming out seems to be quite holy
This time they are taking revenge on by which we all swear

 This time our conscience has been enslaved wholly and solely

Before putting Qur’an on to fire they must have met in huddle
 Before soaking it with fuel, they must have taken a deep dope.
They knew we won’t protest for we are slaves of their slaves
 They knew Muslims are drowned in the waters of absolute No Hope.
Those who die today protesting against this act so outrageous
 Freely shall they tread to success holding on to Allah’s rope.

author-pic Poet
Koshur Mazloom


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