Will you ever wish the same for your own son

By: Kashur Mazloom

They were young buds you did not even let them run.

They fell like leaves, you harvested them just for the fun.

They were innocent; you said they were but pelting stones.

Did you think they were a danger for your bloody thrones.

Some had gone to buy candies to feed their innocence.

You plucked those who had not reached their adolescence.

You did not feel the pain of a mother weeping for her kid.

Watched the death dance in comfort that is what all you did.

You caged men inside and ordered all, not to cry.

You did not let fathers watch their dead sons fly.

You enforced brutal peace of fear by silencing the braves.

You claimed victory standing over the freshly dug graves.

You are happy, your guns may have fallen silent now.

God shall punish you soon, do not ever dare to ask how.

Our lads have achieved the status, which is all high.

Wish I could sleep for a night there where they lie.

Those who fell them, shall confess but never repent.

When their own sons to graveyards shall be sent.

Court of Allah delivers justice, maybe for us a bit late.

His judgment is tough, it has been written on their slate.

They will confess to the crime but it will not soothe their pain.

Confession without repentance, is an exercise done in vain.

Let the divine justice befall on them, let us all pray.

So that they do not drag son of someone again to slay.

You just killed our innocent boys for the fun.

Will you ever wish the same for your own son.


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