40 people die in Pakistan due to monsoon rains

Islamabad: Near 40 people including children died due to heavy monsoon rains and related accidents in Pakistan, a police official said. Most of the people have died because of the roof collapsing incidents in the largest province in Punjab as a result of continuous heavy rains since last night.
Fifteen people were killed in Lahore where all the roads and streets were flooded, he said. Two people died when a rooftop caved in due to the heavy downpour in Lahore’s GOR-II area, the newspaper Dawn reported. One man died and four others were injured in a similar incident in Johar Town. A rescue operation was launched in the area.
Four others, including two children, were killed in similar incidents of roof collapse in the Godhpur and Green Town areas as a result of torrential rains. Three more died when the roof of a house collapsed in Gujranwala district. Also, three persons were killed and 16 were injured in different areas of Faisalabad due to crashing of roof.
Two brothers were killed and their sister was injured when the roof of their house in Khanewal area collapsed.
In Narowal’s Chandwaal area, a seven-year-old girl died while five others were injured in Muzaffarabad.
In Chiroi and Bhambar areas of Pakistan administered Kashmir two people including a woman died when their house’s roof caved in.


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