Christians of Pakistan endorse the Kashmir cause

Lahore: “It is India’s turn to ‘show flexibility’ and resolve the Kashmir issue,” said Reverend (R) Dr Alexander John Malik, the Bishop of Lahore in a statement issued on Saturday, as the Christian community of Pakistan endorsed the Kashmiri cause.

The Bishop condemned the continuous violation of human rights of the 13 million Kashmiris in Indian Kashmir by the military, adding that the issue could only be resolved in accordance with the United Nations resolutions.
Malik further said that the issue was not just a ‘territorial question’ but the fate of the Kashmiri people depended on it. He also acknowledged Pakistan’s role for maintaining peace in the region with regards to Kashmir.
Talking to The Express Tribune, the Bishop’s Chaplain and the Reverend of Lahore Cathedral, Shahid P Mehraj, said that a special prayer would be offered on Kashmir Day for peace in Kashmir, Palestine and in other parts of the world where people are fighting for their freedom.
The Reverend added that the struggle for independence in Indian Kashmir was legitimate and the Christian community of Pakistan supported it.


  1. Dr Alexander John Malik,

    Please remain in your limit and speak only what you can justify. You have compulsion to speak for the Pak or else you would be harmed by Pakistani extremist. I can understand your fear.

    God Bless you !


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