UC Browser Official 7.6 To Be Released Next Week

The makers of UC Browser (UC Mobile) made an advanced announcement Tuesday, UC Browser 7.6 Official Version will be released next week, may be Wednesday or Thursday.
The highlights of UC Browser 7.6 are:
1. Faster and Faster: Enjoy the mobile internet;
2. WAP 2.0 Support: Cool Page Rendering;
3. GUI Optimization: More beautiful interface;
Many other features will be disclosed on the release day.
However, there have been predictions that UC is going to surprise its users by introducing an innovative feature like a Flash player. It will be interesting to see what UC comes up with in the next week when it releases the much awaited version.
Earlier released, unofficial UC Browser 7.6, can be hardly different except one or two new features expected, therefore you may well understand how much innovative official version is going to be by going through the review of unofficial translated UC 7.6.
The New Features and Optimization in UC Browser 7.6 (Java):
~ New Password Manager; prompt to save all your passwords.
~ Website Optimization; Website optimization input box, enter the URL for your content, intelligent prediction, precise match.
~ Local Cookie Cookie; further optimization of the local optimization, eliminating the need for you to repeatedly enter a username and password of the trouble.
~ Sharing Features; easier to optimize the operation of shared features, allowing you to share interesting information anytime, anywhere with your friends!
~ Optimized At The Input; intelligent matching
~ New auto-fill in a form and saving the local Cookie
~ The optimal operation of the touch screen experience on your phone
~ The night mode page image brightness optimization, to further protect your eyes
~ Support the replication function directly through free open plain text URL
~ To further improve boot speed
Function Optimization UC Browser 7.6 (Symbian):
~ URL input window and search window optimization
~ GUI optimization, support for more cool effects
~ Offprints text input box to support the expansion of the input layer, a line can be turned into four lines
~ Transit network optimization, network speed upgrades
~ V5 skin transformation (menu translucent, no longer compatible with earlier versions of the skin, the skin can be re-download free, no extra charge)
~ V5 business support drop-down field, enter the user no longer need to turn the two-screen center
~ Wap 2.0 layout optimization, support for float.


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