KUSU pays homage to the martyrs of 2010 uprising

Press Release
Kashmir University Students’ Union (KUSU) held a meeting on 9 June, 2012 and paid homage to the people martyred by Indian occupational troops in 2010 as well as 2008 and prayed for them. 11 June 2010 is etched in the memory of Kashmiris as a day when another innocent young soul of Kashmir, Tufail Matto, was martyred by the occupational forces paving the way for a popular uprising against the Indian occupation in the ensuing months which saw more than 120 people falling prey to brutal savagery of the Indian nation; with thousands injured. Kashmir University students hereby extend their heartfelt condolences to the families of those martyred and vow to strive alongside the whole Kashmiri nation in the achievement of their rights, which stand unfulfilled to this very day. Kashmir University students lend their full support to the internationally recognized struggle of the Kashmiri people and denounce the blatant human rights violations carried out by state actors. No matter the amount of suppression, Kashmir University Students Union (KUSU) will remain dedicated to the cause of truth and justice. This sentiment resonates in every corner of the University of Kashmir.


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