Separatists must give up govt security: Mir

By: Umer Maqbool
Srinagar, Nov 23: One of the pioneers of militancy in the Valley and Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (R) leader, Javaid Ahmad Mir, Wednesday asked the separatist leaders to surrender the security provided to them by the government.
“There is no moral justification for us to take refuge under the security offered either by the state or New Delhi. How can we take protection from the nation against whom we are fighting for independence? I appeal all the pro-freedom leaders to give up their security,” Mir said in a statement.
“We are answerable to the families whose kith and kin are languishing in jails within and outside the state for raising slogan of Azadi and it does not behove us to take security from the system that has put our youngsters behind the bars,” he said.
“Mainstream leaders are also using this point (security cover) to embarrass us before the public. Every year they claim that they are spending lakhs of rupees for our protection. Even some of the insignificant political workers from our camp enjoy security cover,” Mir said.
The JKLF leader said non-violent freedom fighters across the world who took their nations to freedom never took protection from the “oppressors.”
“Whether it was Gandhi, Jinnah or Nelson Mandela, nobody among them enjoyed security cover,” he said.
Mir said there is no point talking about the revocation of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) as all ‘draconian’ laws would cease with the resolution of Kashmir issue.
“We should not join the debate initiated by mainstream parties as they are doing it for the sake of vote bank politics and gaining sympathy. Our goal should be the resolution of Kashmir and with it all the draconian laws would become redundant,” Mir added.


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