Adhocism mars Higher Education in J&K

Jammu, September 06: The higher education system in Jammu and Kashmir is plagued by growing ‘adhocism’ as hundreds of posts lie vacant in the department.
According to sources, most of the higher education institutions in the state function without permanent faculty and are instead being run by faculty members appointed on ad-hoc basis through academic arrangement. Interestingly, the faculty members are recruited on meager salary for limited period every year.
Sources said government is engaging around 6000 teachers every year on academic arrangement in order to run the higher educational institutions, including reputed colleges and university campuses of the state.
“These teachers are being paid remuneration of Rs 8000 to Rs 10000 per month as compared to more than Rs 40000 salary being drawn by the permanent faculty members,” they said adding the department has been resorting to such practice from the last more than a decade, mainly citing financial crunch.
Adhocism is not only plaguing the educational system but at the same time it has created an uncertainty among the youth being engaged on academic arrangement. “At most of the times the teachers have to face competition from their own students”, an official, preferring not to be named said.
“If an adhoc faculty member teaches a batch of final year of MBA students, next year he or she has to face the challenge form the candidates of the same batch during recruitments process and by and large it affects the teaching capability of a teacher,” they said.
Many contractual teachers are also busy exploring permanent jobs in other fields. As such they remain busy with study for competitive examinations affecting their availability for the students.
In some cases, sources said, teachers leave the jobs in the mid of academic session after getting good opportunity at some other place. “The department is making sure that no person engaged on contractual basis completes seven years in service. They are being engaged for limited period and for every academic session a new process is initiated”, sources claimed.
M L Bhat, a retired principle of a government college, said that despite having all the resources the government was deliberately exploiting the educated youth.
He said adhocism in engagement of teachers was spoiling the entire education system and future of the state.
When contacted, Prof (Dr) Tariq Ahmad Kawoos, Director Colleges J&K said; “Our concern is to provide quality education and we are very serious about the kind of education we are imparting.”
“The contractual appointment system of teaching affects the education by and large but the department has already referred 1651 vacant posts for Assistant Professors in various departments to Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission for speedy recruitment,” he said.


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