Model Paper for Education (Paper B) of BG 3rd Year


1. What is meant by population education? Write down its need and objectives.

2. Explain the concept of gifted children. How are they identified?

3. What are the causes and consequences of population explosion?

4. What do you mean by distance education? Elaborate upon its need and importance.

5. What is N.L.M ?

6. Explain adult education. What is its need and importance?

7. Elaborate upon the organisation of guidance programme at secondary stage.

8. Explain the concept of guidance and counselling?

9. What are the merits and demerits of percentile rank?

10. What is product movement method?

11. What is meant by bivaslate correlation?

Short Answer Type

1. What is vocational type of guidance?

2. Explain the concept of open university system?

3. Explain the concept of delinquent child?


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