Model Paper for Islamic Studies of BG 3rd Year 2015


1. Discuss the Movement started by Abdul Wahab.

2. Briefly explain the impact & achievement of Ikhwan-Al-Muslimoun.

3. Explain the role of Jamat-Al-Din Afghani, Maulauna Ilyas & Mawdudi as prominent reformers and thinkers.

4. What is Islamic Law? What is its social role?

5. Explain Ummah as a Universal Community.

6. Explain Deoband as a modern challenge to Muslim Ummah.

7. What do you mean by Bait-ul-Maal? What are its sources? Underscore its significance.

8. Describe the status of Non-Muslims in an Islamic State.

9. Describe Islamic Revolution. What were its achievements?

10. Write a short note on Marriage & Hijab in Islam.

11. Define Sunnah. Briefly explain its impact.

12. Write short notes on the following:
(a) Interest (b) Shura (c) Waqf


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