Model Paper for Zoology of BG 3rd Year


1. Define ecosystem. Explain major ecosystem of the world.

2. Define adaptation with special reference to temperature and light.

3. Comment upon law of limitting factors with examples.

4. Define population. Give few characteristics and explain regulation of population density.

5. Write a note on competitive exclusion principle.

6. Describe briefly evolution of parasitism. Give host-parasite relationship.

7. Differentiate between commensalism and mutualism with examples.

8. Explain qualitative characteristics of community.

9. Write a short note on:

i. Ecological niche.

ii. Intraspecific and interspecific competition.

10. Explain conservative measures and management of wildlife with special reference to J&K.

11. Discuss nature and effects of air and water pollutants. Give few control methods.

12. Explain briefly evolutionary theory of organic evolution.

13. Discuss concept of species.

14. Discuss briefly physiology of behaviour.

15. What do you know about associate learning? Discuss briefly its types.

16. Explain social groups in detail. Discuss their important characteristics.

17. Discuss in detail genetics of behavior. What role does hormones play?



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