The last letter Guru wrote to his wife

Srinagar, Feb 17: The last letter Mohammad Afzal Guru wrote to his wife Tabassum moments before he was sent to gallows secretly at New Delhi’s Tihar Jail was made public today by the Guru family. The letter was recently delivered to Guru kin and they had decided to make it public. Guru’s brother had said that they would make it public on Sunday.
For those who cannot read Urdu, an English Translation is given below:
“Respected family and all the believers.
Asalam-u-alikum (peace up on you)
I thank almighty, that he has chosen me for this destiny. From my side, I want to congratulate all the believers. We all should stay with truth and righteousness, and our end must also come on the path of truth and righteousness. My request to my family is that instead of grieving over my end, they should respect the destiny I have achieved.
Almighty God is your greatest protector and greatest help.
I leave you in Allah’s protection.”

Translation: Sameer Bhat


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