Horticulture Department issues advisory for Kashmir orchardists

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SRINAGAR — In view of the snow forecast by the Indian Meteorological Department Srinagar for the first week of November, the Horticulture Department Kashmir on Tuesday issued an advisory for the orchardists in order to prevent any damage to the fruit trees due to possible heavy rains and snowfall.

“In case of any such precipitation, the unharvested fruit should be immediately harvested and stored properly for packaging and subsequent sale as has already been published in the previous advisory, dated 16-10-2022,” the advisory said.

It added, “Start and expedite the pruning of fruit trees in order to lower the load of fruit trees and reduce the size of out-spreading branches which are more prone to snow damage. Shake trees to remove snow immediately from the branches after the snowfall to prevent their bending and subsequent damage.”

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“If the fruit trees are tilted, reduce the canopy load by pruning, and provide proper support. If the trees get partially uprooted, slowly pull back the trees to the original position after support/staking to the main trunk to prevent further fall/ movement,” the advisory said.

Ir went on to state that if the top portion of the tree breaks, give the damaged branches an oblique cut 2-3 inches below the broken point and apply Bordeaux mixture/Chaubatia paste on the cut surface. However, if any scaffold branch breaks and the bark is still intact, after heavy pruning, bring the branch to its original position by tying it with a rope and/or bolting or using nails. “Ensure that the union remains tight and apply Bordeaux/Chaubatia paste on the cut surface.”

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The advisory also said that if the main trunk splits into two or three parts, it can be treated the same way as has been advised for broken branches. “If roots get exposed, cover the roots back with soil to avoid desiccation and damage.”

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