Kangan residents complain about garbage dumps


Kangan: Huge garbage dumps have turned this beautiful town into a dustbin.
Failure of authorities to get this mess cleared has left the residents high and dry. “Garbage dumps have made the life of people miserable and students are the worst sufferers. Garbage dumps in the town have become breeding ground for the dogs,” locals said.
Authorities are in deep slumber and they are not interested to keep the town clean.
Locals complained of stench and health hazards due to the garbage accumulated near top schools of the area. The area, which is also close to the Sindh Stadium has been converted into a “dumping ground” with
plastic waste, paper cups, bottles, wrappers and other garbage collected from different places across Kashmir.
According to locals, recently a footpath was constructed under MGNREGA scheme. “This footpath too has been damaged due to extensive dumping of garbage,” they added.
“Many people in the town have been bitten by stray dogs near this dumping site during the past two-three months. Our pleas to get this garbage removed have fallen flat on deaf ears,” locals said.

Beigh Irshad Beigh Irshad
Beigh Irshad is a Kashmir based freelance journalist
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