NSUI Membership List A Deceit; Students deny having applied for any membership

By: Iymon Majid
Srinagar, Dec 15: Much before entering the educational institutions of Kashmir, the treacherous politics is already being played on the ground. A day after students wing of Congress — National Students Union of India (NSUI) — made public the names of students enrolled as its members, many students claimed to have never participated in the membership drive but their names still figure in the list.
Days after Congress scion Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Kashmir University, NSUI started to mobilize its cadres for the membership drive. “After he (Rahul Gandhi) came to KU, forms were circulated in the hostel by our seniors,” said Aaqib, a student in SSM college of Science and Technology, whose name figures in the list.
The forms were circulated in the hostels of the College. “We were told that it was a membership drive of the congress so we refused to fill them,” added Aaqib. He said that after a few days some seniors came again and asked many students in the hostel to hand over their Identity Cards along with one photograph. “We gave our college identity cards but also asked for the reason,” said Aaqib. He further said that students were told it was for the presidential election of the college. “A few days before, there was election in the hostel for the president so we believed them. We thought it was like the hostel election,” he added.
However, yesterday when the list appeared on the NSUI website, the students were left in a bizarre state. “We had no information about this. It is a deceit. If we had the information that our I-Cards would be used to fill details in the membership forms for NSUI, we would not have agreed providing them to anyone,” said Aaqib.
Another student wishing anonymity said that they don’t want to be part of any such political activity. “They have falsely included our names as members to show that Kashmiri students are part of the political process.”
The way the membership drive was conducted raises many questions about its accountability. Moreover, various factions ranging from the authorities to the erstwhile student unions already challenge the credibility of this membership drive.
The students are also at an odd following the authorities of many institutions denouncing the membership drive and the subsequent elections. “We didn’t participate in the membership drive but our careers are at stake if tomorrow our college disowns us,” said Umar, another student.
The students demanded that their membership should be cancelled. “If my parents come to know about this, they will surely kill me. Also, neither I am comfortable with any politics nor curious to be member of any such union,” said Aaqib.



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