Police detains six youth in Srinagar

Srinagar, Apr 01: Police crackdown in Chattabal area of Downtown Srinagar leading to arrests of six youth has resulted in backlash from the students and faculty of National Institute of Technology (NIT), Srinagar and the respective families of the youths. The arrested youth Bilal, Zahid, Umar, Sajad and Suhail are students and teach Holy Quran at Mohammadiya Darzgah, Chana Mohalla, Chattabal. While Pervez and Zahid were arrested from their homes in Chatabal, Sajad was arrested from Bemina and Suhail from HMT area of Srinagar. One of the youths arrested on March 23 is Pervez Ahmad Bhat, a B.Tech, Final year student of Civil Engineering at NIT Srinagar, whose whereabouts along with five other boys are still not known. Protests against the State Police rocked the NIT campus and classes were suspended since morning. A silent sit in was observed by tens of hundreds of students of NIT including locals and non-locals urging the Police to disclose the information about the arrested youths or face further demonstrations. “There is complete lawlessness going on and police is acting as a law crushing machinery. Not only is the police reluctant in providing the information regarding the arrested youths to their concerned families, they are also denying to reveal the grounds of their arrest. Police is certainly taking law in its own hands and this is not what democracy is all about,” Pervez’s classmate told Kashmir Times wishing anonymity. Pervez’s family and his teachers describe him as a bright engineering student who had one of the best attendances and scores among his colleagues. “He is a very bright student. Excellent in studies, regular in attendance. We have never ever received any sort of complaints from anyone regarding his behaviour. We know that he is interested in Islamic studies and thereby used to teach Quran to children at a local Madrassa,” Pervez’s teacher said. Pervez’s family alleged that he was picked up by the local Bagiyass, Chattabal Police Station and lodged there along with his friend Zahid on March 23, but since then the Police has been resilient in letting the whereabouts of the arrested youth known. “We met Pervez yesterday at Maisuma Police station where he has been detained along with other boys. We asked the Police to at least tell us the grounds on the basis of which these arrests have been made, but they been denying the same. The Police said that the arrests are a part of the investigation process, but they are not giving any details,” Muhammad Ayub, Pervez’s uncle told Kashmir Times. Meanwhile, police is still refusing to divulge any details of the detained youth. SHO, Bagiyass Chattabal Police Station said that they did arrest Pervez and other youth a week back, but they have handed them over to senior officers for further investigations. SHO, Chattabal terminated the call on being asked the grounds of these arrests. SSP, Srinagar Ashiq Buhkari when contacted by Kashmir Times said that he would set an enquiry into the matter and the location of the youths along with the grounds of their arrests would be soon made public. Kashmir Times


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