Sikhs praise Kashmiri youth for rescue efforts in September floods

Srinagar: Despite losing three of their members during the devastating floods, the Sikh community in Mehjoor Nagar area of Srinagar has praised local youth who according to them rescued scores of Sikh families during devastating floods last month without caring for their lives.
“When gushing flood waters entered into houses within no time, locals not only rescued the members from majority community but evacuated Sikh families to safer places as well. However, three members of the Sikh family lost their lives when a rescue boat capsized before it reached to the destination,” a member from this minority community said adding that despite these deaths they were all praise for the rescuers who proved to be ‘angles’ for them.
“Three local residents in a bid to save some members of both the communities jumped into the speedy waters in Mehjoor Nagar, however unfortunately Kamaljit Singh Kour and Arjun Singh Sudan could not be located. They however managed to rescue other members of Sikh families,” he said adding that a woman along with her little child caught hold of an HT wire in the middle of the road, while two local youth jumped into the gushing waters instantly and moved her along with the kid to safer place.
He said that the local youth risked their lives but succeeded in rescuing scores of trapped persons.
Appreciating the role of youth of the majority community, All Parties Sikh Coordination Committee Chairman Jag Mohan Singh Raina said that the service of these youth was merely humanitarian. “It was the best thing to see Muslim youth saving lives of Sikhs and other members of minority community. We salute their heroism and owe a lot to them,” he said adding that Sikh reciprocated to these services and distributed whatever they got from outside to the flood affected people irrespective of creed or religion.
Pertinently, three Sikh members including a woman were killed in catastrophic flood on September 7 in Mehjoor Nagar area Srinagar city.


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