Oh my people
From this deep slumber
The evil is getting strong
You rights are being usurped
People are being
Slaughtered mercilessly
Your women’s honour
Is in grave danger
Alarm bells are ringing
For how long will you
Live a life of humiliation
For how long will you
Remain in shackles of slavery
Before it’s too late.

Oh my people
Before the barbarians
Reach your home
And you get dragged out
Why are you terrified
Are you afraid of death
But everyone has to die one day
So it’s better to die
With your head held high
Why are you fond of
This mortal life
Why can’t you raise voice
For what is right
Before it’s too late

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Restless Mind

Oh my people
Raise voice for your rights
In such a loud voice
That sky gets shattered
With your cries
And if you side with evil
Don’t think you will live in peace
You will meet the same fate
You will be trampled as well
So listen people of my country
It’s time to come out
In the battlefield
Willing to give all sacrifices
It’s time to get united
So arise
Before it’s too late.

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