Call us by any name today.
Our identity is lost as our names were not found in the governmental papers,
The map of our place is erased to hide its identity,
Brainwashing is done here and there to forget what we are,
The names of the places are changed to redefine our history,
Our mountains, meadows, roads, rivers, canals and hills belong to the alien power,
The sky above is our property, with no recorded documents.


Call us by any name today.
Looking at small children, I feel pity for them,
Their present is dark and the future is uncertain.
They make houses on the sand to be erased by themselves,
They become rebels to fight against themselves.
They pretend to sleep since death is uncertain,
They hide in desolations since homes are to be demolished.

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Call us by any name today.
The bullet-torn bodies are scattered everywhere, while the killers are underground,
The heart-piercing cries haunt the dead, while the living are deaf.
So, call us by any name today.

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