They knocked the door in full gall
And with high squeal
I pretended of napping in my den
They shouted again and again
I numbed in the nook soothly
They shattered the door with full rage
As it was my final moment
They kicked and mashed me up

May I know the reason of slam
They buzzed and enquired my name
I am Son of the Soil, I said
They scattered all in all
I raised my voice and cry
I screemed and start wailing
I used to be noble in the past
Onliest and Chaste

Isn't It A Doomsday?

Look at that Roaming soul, I used to call her Mom
With heaviness of heart and calm
My father was courageous, daring and brave
Now napping in the grave
Lay eyes on my pellet hitted brother
Can’t crack the books, can’t work anymore
Give the eye to the humble soul
My sister can’t now achieve her goal

My dreams are faded in the fog
The deluge of deprivity and smog
Hey!! Be down in the mouth, they shouted
They condole and relent upon me
All they were chasing their canonical orders
But I believe in Love without Borders
I was handcuffed, cheering with the screem
Oh!!!!!!!!!! It was a dreadful Dream

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