I distinguish myself from dreams of you – now, after all
I pledge, I pledge: what, ho! somehow! after all

That over which I rebel… All, all I hold in sway
Your worship too, must excuse me now – after all

Many, many days ago what the Grecians did at Troy
All for the famed beauty, for the love, after all

How often have I sat honing the sketch of my love letter
Don’t tell me! You’ve kept it by you – even now – after all

Don’t tell me! Tell me! A fair shadow still flies you…
And that – You still adore – and shove, after all.

My words, little by little, must then have vanished into thin air
Easily – by the night and day – far and above – after all.

Love’s free – free of decrees of steel – freer than a bird in its flight
Content with this, I leave the rest to go – now – after all

O happy bird! Here lies a ruined cabinet of a rich soul
Sing to me once! “All is not lost in love after all”.

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