CUK Notice for Admission to M Phil-Ph.D. in the Department of Economics


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Nowgam Campus, Srinagar-190 015

Admission to M Phil-Ph.D. in the Department of Economics

The lists of candidates who have applied for admission to Integrated M Phil-Ph.D Programme in Economics in this university are available on the University website:, along with the lists of candidates shortlisted for Presentations and Interview. Presentation & Interview of the shortlisted candidates (subject to their being otherwise eligible) are scheduled to be held at Department of Economics at Nowgam Campus, Academic Block-I of the University as per following programme (10.30 AM onwards):

Date of Presentation/ Interview:


General Category

: 27/11/2015

OBC and SC Category

: 28/11/2015

NET/JRF and ST Category : 30/11/2015

The Presentation and Interview will focus on research proposal which concerned candidate intends to pursue for further research. The presentation should be in the form of Power Point (PPT).

Candidates should bring with them the copies of following documents along with their originals:

1.PG Marks/ Grade Card

2.NET/ JRF/ M Phil/ CUCET Score Card

3.Reserve Category Certificate, if applicable

Final selection of the candidates would be based on the following criteria:

· Merit at PG Level

: 50%


Presentation on proposed research

: 30%


Personal Interview

: 20%

In case any candidate, who has applied in time and is otherwise eligible, does not figure in the list, he/she should report the office of undersigned with documentary evidence by or before Nov, 26th 2015.




Prof . G.M. Bhat

Dated: 23.11.2015

Dean, School of Social Sciences



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