JKSSB Syllabus for the Post of Leather Technician, Quality Control Inspector etc


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Government of Jammu and Kashmir,

Services Selection Board,

Panama Chowk, Rail Head Jammu.


Marks:- 150

Time:- 02:30

Syllabus for Written test (Objective Type) for the post of Leather Technician, Incharge Work Cum Production Centre, Quality Control Inspector and Finishing Master.

Wood Structure, identification, forest farming


30 Marks

Plant physiology, physical features of different types of wood, natural defects in wood, wood structure, wood chemistry:

Chemical constituents of wood, wood destroying insects, termities and their control, wood destroying fungi, types o wood,

Wood physics.

Density, specific gravity, porosity, fibre saturation point, capillary movement, calorific value, Nursery raising, morphology or bark, stem, leaf, flower, root.

Seasoning & Preservation of wood


20 Marks

Seasoning definition, necessity, seasoning defects, seasoning kilns, types of preservatives, natural durability of timber, fire protection preservatives.

Timber mechanics & Engineering


20 Marks

Physical and mechanical properties of wood, stress, strain hooks law, timber grading, prefabrication techniques, timber joints and mechanical fasteners, prevention of termite attack in buildings by constructional methods.

Wood composites & adhesives


10 Marks

Wood adhesives, types and classification, manufacturing process of plywood, particle board, bamboo mat board.

Wood working & finishing


10 Marks

Various wood working & finishing operations, carving tools and properties, portable power tools, wood working joints, powder coating, paints, oils, varnishes, logging tools.

Product design & fabrication


10 Marks

Concept of design, role of color, figure, texture, grain direction, time motion studies, role of multiple joints, nails, screws, fasterners and dowels, concept of antique furniture.

Repair & maintenance of wood working machines


10 Marks

Types of maintenance, total predictive maintenance, lubrication, concept of tribology, properties of specific lubricants, use of lubrication equipment like oil gun, grease gun.

Standardization Quality control, costing accounting


10 Marks

Statistical methods, Masures of central tendency (mean, mode, median), Instrumentation (vernier caliper, micrometer, radius gauge, Dail Indicator) Depreciation, cost estimation, journal, cash book.

Generic Skills & entrepreneurship Development


10 Marks

Task management (initiation, planning, execution), knowledge in problem solving Entrepeneurship (meaning and its needs), Entrepreneurship support system (district industries, NABARD, state financial corporation.

Basics of Engineering


10 Marks

Voltage, current, power & energy with their units. Difference between AC & DC, types of pumps & their applications, belt drive, gear drive

Pollution Control and Waste management

10 Marks

Ecosystem, energy flow in an ecosystem, water pollution, conservation of natural living resources, solid waste management, environmental education and awareness.



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