Kashmir University Syllabus for Data Entry Operator Test


Srinagar: University of Kashmir (KU) has issued the Kashmir University Syllabus for Data Entry Operator Test at Directorate of IT & SS.

The Syllabus has been made available on the official website of University of Kashmir.

The Kashmir University Syllabus for Data Entry Operator Test has also been provided below for the concerned job applicants.

1. Basics of Computer:

Computer Organization; Input and Output Devices; System Software and Application Software; Computer Language; Compiler and Assembler.

2. Basis of Windows Operating System:

Elements of Windows XP; Desktop Elements; Locating Files and Folders; Changing System Setting; File Management in Windows; Installation of Software and Hardware.

3. Basics of Word Processing:

Starting Word Program; Word Screen Layout; Typing Screen Objects; Managing Documents; Protecting and Finding Documents; Printing Documents.

4. Formatting Documents:

Working with Text; Formatting Text; Formatting Paragraphs; Bulleted and Numbered Lists; Copying and Moving Text; Spelling and Grammar; Page Formatting; Creating Tables; Mail Merge.

5. Introduction to Internet:

Getting Connected to Internet; Types of Internet Connections; Internet Terminology; Understanding Internet Address; Web Browser and Internet Services.

6. Formulas, Functions and Charts:

Basics of Spreadsheet; Selecting, Adding and Renaming Worksheets; Modifying a Worksheet; Workbook. Protection; Formulas and Functions; Copying a Formula; Types of Functions; Types of Charts; Auto Shapes and Smart Art.

7. Online Applications:

URL; Web Servers; Search Engines; Telnet, FTP; Email; Social Networks, Blogs; Video Conferencing; e-Commerce; m-Commerce; VOIP.


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