We all are familiar with the word ‘humanity’ but it’s not just a word. It is a big term as many things arise from this word: pure heart, no greed, love, affection, care, respect, and so on. As this word suggests ‘human’, so it unites all humans whether poor or rich, lower class or upper class, low status or high status.

No matter what but humanity is for all. But in today’s world, we can only hear its stories from the previous generation who has seen it as well as making people feel this. This is not the thing that we can see with our eyes but it is a feeling which arises from the heart.

If we show humanity, our minds refresh, which were filled with hateful thoughts. Our hearts become light which were heavy because of feelings of hate. Positive vibes are produced and spread throughout the whole body. Everything seems beautiful and wonderful.

It seems that everything deserves respect and the most important thing is we feel close to our God and find ourselves on the path of God. Similarly, the person who senses the humanity of anyone also feels the same things – love, affection, and respect. One finds that world is not so cruel. The world is balanced. It contains hate as well as love in the same manner.

Humanity Died?

There are no more such feelings present in our world just because no one feels humanity for and from others. That’s why everyone, especially poets and writers, curses the world for its cruelty. Today, there are books, magazines, and the most helpful social media available for knowledge.

Books, newspapers, and social media platforms possess events of humanity and love for others. Though, we have these things but no impact. It’s because we only think for ourselves. We only see our meanness and greed. There are many people who treat animals like humans and are considered as mad and many people who don’t treat a human like a human, such as the cases of domestic violence. Most people like to help others for their own means and greed and many want to impress others to make their standards high. They usually upload pictures on social media after this type of activity.

Prisoners of Paradise

In reality, humanity is shown by a pure heart. It is respect and love for others. It shows care and possession. It does not contain any matter of religion, power, fame, and status. It does not lower the standard of people. It does not deal with relations and religions.

Every religion teaches us not to hate others, to help others, and treat everyone equally. Still, everything is opposite to its reality. People hate each other by their religion, caste, and colour. This results in the killing of humanity. If they leave everything on one side and think that they have the same relation and religion with each other that is of humanity, there would be love sprinkling.

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