Mastering delicate art of writing is a journey of learning and self-expression

During my college days, we were taught a quote by Francis Bacon: “Writing makes an exact man.” Later, my teachers introduced me to another saying: “Read, read, and re-read.” Many times, I also heard the advice to collect my thoughts first and then write.

I remember one of my teachers’ sarcastic remarks on one of my essays, saying that I had become an author before my time. Such incidents have left a significant impact on my life, especially in terms of writing. Every event is a lesson.

The mixed reactions from my teachers and elders opened doors for me and made it clear that if I truly wanted to become a writer, I had to go through the same grind every writer endures. There is no other way.

Transforming an article into an error-free piece through the difficult stages of editing and proofreading and delivering an instructive piece to the readers is a fundamental task for a writer. However, this kind of experience requires a long life.

Using beautiful words does not necessarily constitute writing. For this, attributes such as thinking, exposure, consistency, self-contradiction, self-correction, etc., are essential. Becoming both a writer and a reader is the first step in the race to become an author.

The most crucial requirement for becoming an influential writer is that a person must read various books. This changes the way one sees things. The advantage of reading great minds is that one finds oneself in their company and is directly influenced by them. This brightens the chances of becoming an author.

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High-quality books teach how to present events. The lesson of what it means to be an unprejudiced writer is a characteristic of these valuable books. Additionally, what kind of language should be used is a unique feature of great books.

By reading Mirza Waheed, Basharat Peer, Arundhati Roy, Aravind Adiga, Naseem Hijazi, Yuval Noah Harari, etc., one understands the nuances of language and becomes aware of the true purpose of writing. Whether it’s historical books or fiction, one becomes well-acquainted with the ebbs and flows of language.

By reading great minds, one learns how to articulate things and where to say them. Another attribute of these high-quality books is that they compel one to pick up the pen and try to put their thoughts into words. The emotions burning like flames in one’s heart want to be expressed through the pen.

However, today the situation is reversed. Everyone is in a rush to become a writer. Mastery of a language alone does not make an influential writer. There are many people among us who are proficient in more than two languages. But this does not mean they can be counted among the ranks of writers.

Every essay writer awards themselves grand titles. Among us, copying others’ ideas verbatim is enough to be considered a writer. This happened to me too. When I started writing, I would copy others’ ideas as I found them in other journals and magazines. But when I had the opportunity to sit with teachers, the reality became clear about how serious a crime this is.

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Today, whatever I write, I write from my heart. It is filled with mistakes, but I keep trying to learn. To this day, I haven’t had the courage to include myself among the ranks of writers. I’m just happy that I’m in a position to write a few words.

In contrast, many of us write long essays on trivial topics, which wastes resources and yields nothing. This leads so-called writers to suffer from a superiority complex and they fail to emerge from the grind of pruning. They become like the “frog in the well” trapped in their own shells. Whoever tries to pull them out of this mentality, they consider them an enemy. People don’t even acknowledge them, and their words hold no value, leading to dire consequences.

There is a need to read the books of genuine writers. Additionally, one should learn about the intricacies of writing from them. Develop the habit of reading and try to write less but thoughtfully. Writing less but with consideration has the advantage of producing comprehensive articles that not only provide information but also contain depth.

Teachers, media, and enlightened members of society can play a significant role in this. Anyone, boy or girl, who wants to write should be encouraged. However, it is also necessary to urge them to follow certain rules.

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