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How can a personal loan for salaried employees be a financial game-changer?

In this blog, we delve deeper into merits of personal loans for salaried employees and understand how these act as a pivotal tool in reshaping the fiscal landscape.

Comprehensive Guide to GMAT Syllabus and More

The importance of doing well on the GMAT has increased as the rivalry for admission to prestigious business schools grows.

Getting Started in a Tech Career After Class 12: A Complete Guide

Navigate your transition from classroom to tech workspace with insights on opportunities, BCA education, skill growth, and networking.

How New York’s cutting-edge digital notary services prevent fraud & ensure trustworthy notarization

Discover how New York's advanced digital notary services safeguard legitimacy through rigorous security measures, authentication, and state regulations.

Safety First: Best Practices for Welders in Kuwait’s Work Environment

Unlocking Opportunities for Welders: Finding Jobs and Embracing Safety in Welding Profession, Tips for Safe and Quality Work

Axis of Symmetry

An imaginary straight line that is dividing a shape into two identical parts is known as the axis of symmetry.

Previous Question Papers of B.Ed Examination (University of Kashmir)

In this post, we have provided Previous Question Papers of B.Ed Examination (University of Kashmir) so as to facilitate easy and well planned preparation.

Nuclear Power Corporation of India Recruitment for 128 Stipendiary Trainees

pplications are invited for Nuclear Power Corporation of India Recruitment from qualified applicants for the recruitment of Stipendiary Trainee posts for 2016.

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Centre orders premature repatriation of IPS officer Rakesh Balwal to Manipur cadre

In a significant development, the Government of India has issued an order for the premature repatriation of IPS officer Rakesh Balwal to the Manipur cadre.

J&K School Education Department proposes JKPSC-administered departmental exams for promotions

The School Education Department has proposed to conduct departmental examinations through the J&K Public Service Commission (JKPSC) to promote its employees.

31 militants killed in Kashmir valley this year: J&K Police

A total of 31 militants have been killed in joint operations in the Kashmir valley this year so far, police said here on Wednesday.

Court asks ACB to file status report about alleged Ayushman Bharat Scam

A local court has extended the time for the Anti-Corruption Bureau Jammu to submit the latest status about the alleged scam in Ayushman Bharat Jan Arogya Scheme.
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Asia’s Food Supply at Risk: Scientists warn of urgent need to protect vital bee pollinators

Scientists sound alarm: Asia's food security threatened as vital bee pollinators face peril. Urgent action needed to protect critical ecosystem services.

Shia Muslims observe Ashura in Pulwama with communal support and devotion

In Gangoo area of south Kashmir's Pulwama district, the Shia Muslim community observed the sacred occasion of Ashura on Saturday with heartfelt mourning.