Indian Dream And The Naked Posterior

    By: Koshur Mazloom

India is dreaming big to become a regional power fantasising itself as a future regional bully. India claims that US wants it to play a bigger role in Afghanistan. Imagine Indian pappu doing dadagiri in Kandahar and Tora Bora. Imagine Afghan pathan Shergul Haqqani being frisked by Mohanlal Dinda from Batar. Just imagine only. Period… With its drubbed red nose, US cannot invite anyone except India to play in Afghanistan. It is itself waiting for the day to flee from AfPak quagmire. Indians are always Indians. They love to imagine high of themselves. When you point at their naked posteriors, they tell you to put on the black goggles. When you tell them that half of their underfed population is infesting like canines on road side pavements, it tells you to divert your attention towards Bollywood and Cricket wood. When you tell them that most of India lives in the darkness of ignorance, it tells you to study Kamasutra. The religion of majority in India is a myth which helps them to live in the world of fairy tales. Bramastras, Lakshman Rekhas, Vanar Senas and Burning tails of monkeys make Indians beleive in the invincible Indian might. Farmers dying of hunger, Mal nourished children, female infanticides, stinking lanes, raped women, freshly slaughtered minorities, lit alive people, naked population scavenging in garbage dumps while sharing their ‘food’ with swines and dogs, hospitals a bit better than public lavatories, diseased masses do not make pushing Indian elites bow down their heads in shame. These crafty word smiths with the help of delussionary and myopic mass media have coined a new word to hide their nakedness. That word is ‘diversity’. They say diverse living standards is a blessing for India. To cherish the wealth, rich need poor to serve them. Cheap labour, cheap life and cheap guinea pigs for experimentation makes India a dream destination for the capitalist parasites. This is what Indians claim is Indian wealth. It’s poor is claimed to be its strength. India in this field can’t be beaten. It surely is a super power of shame. And no one among the Indian elitist class is able to look at the naked black posteriors while mirror is facing towards permenantly tanned faces. And we say, Indiaaaaaa, Incredible India.

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