Indo-US Objective: Destabilization of Pakistan – (Part I)

By: Abdul Ruff Colachal
US-India terror twins operating full coordination in South Asian soil have achieved their major joint objectives in the region: Destabilization of Pakistan along with Afghanistan. The regime in Islamabad has been rendered significantly weak with people losing all trust in the ability of rulers and leaders in leading the nation to prosperity and peace. As US puppets, Pakistani leaders in domains have mortgaged the sovereignty of Pakistan to western terrocracies operating under the NATO terror syndicate.
Since they pursue secret agenda against Muslims on fake Sept-11 hoax, loss of Pakistan permanently would undermine all strategies of USA and NATO. Pakistan could reveal all secret deals, derailing all hidden agendas of CIA and Mossad.
American strategists expect the corrupt Pakistani leaders to quickly fall back on USA and resume joint terror operations against Muslims, as, they argue, Pakistan, become so spineless over years of US manipulations, has no other credible option but to promote US imperialism.
USA is eager to repair the strains in the bilateral terror ties against Islam and Muslims and trying all possible levers to somehow make the Pakistani leaders continue to support NATO terrorism on Pakistani soil. Worse, they are damn sure the Pakistani leaders and media nuts would eventually play the US fiddle so loudly, naively thinking that the sound would annoy New Delhi’s petrified nuts.
So long as Islamabad depends on blood-stained US dollars, there is no hope for survival of Pakistan as a sovereign nation.
President Zardari wants to be out of problems and eager to get out of Pakistan. General Kayani feels relieved of the tensions…
The death of the Pakistani soldiers dug in along the mountainous, remote border area, along with the initial NATO response, has incensed Pakistanis and marked yet another setback in the Obama regime’s efforts to improve “chronically troubled” ties with an uneasy Muslim ally in South Asia against Muslims and Islam.
Americans do not want to be seen as state terrorists, killing Muslims as per the CIA’s post-Sept-11 hoax plan. USA now wants Pakistani regime and military to share the blame for the NATO’s deliberate terror operations against Pakistani solders. A US investigation today found that both American and Pakistani forces were to blame for an incident that killed 24 Pakistani troops in a remote area along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border in the midnight between 25-26 November, inflaming already strained bilateral ties.
Brigadier General Stephen Clark, who headed the military US investigation, just bluffed that US aircraft including fighter jets and attack helicopters came “under fire” late on the night of 25 November as it approached an Afghan village right over the Pakistani border for a routine mission.
The incident prompted Pakistan to shut down ground routes used to supply US forces in Afghanistan and to demand that the United States vacate an air base used to launch drone flights within 15 days.
Pakistan has angrily waited for a formal US apology. But little expressed regret from the Obama regime over the deaths. The USA knows that the Pentagon “conclusions” of the report would not placate Pakistani military leadership in the charged climate. Gen. Kayani is fully aware of the notorious CIA-Pentagon agendas for the region and Islamic world at large.
USA and NATO terror syndicates occupy Pakistan, killing Muslims especially with the Obama drones but control even the Pakistani military. NATO kills Pakistanis and other Muslims as their birth right and wants Pakistani regime and military to share every bit of information with them. Part of the problem was instructions to US soldiers not to share details of their secret agendas and geographic assessments with their Pakistani liaison officers – a symptom of “an overarching lack of trust” on both sides.
Since Pakistani regime and its military are sufficiently discredited before the people and world, the NATO strategists calculate that Pakistan must now promote US agenda by jointly killing Muslims as “terrorists” as any change of view would make people suspicious of Pakistani regime and military.
That, unfortunately for people of Pakistan, is the crux of Pakistani predicament. Innocent looking but now worried Obama must be busy contacting all Arab League nations to apply “pressure” on Pakistani regime and military.
Against all mischievous calculations of CIA-Obama regime as well as the a few self-interested Pakistanis pursuing their own interests and collaborating at the cost of Pakistani people and nation, the US-Pakistani ties, encashing on the naivety of Pakistanis, got almost completely derailed as a natural fallout of strange bed-partnership arranged to suit US interests.
NATO airstrikes have cast strong shadow over Pak-US relations and deadly caused even communication breakdowns between CIA and ISI. The 24 soldiers’ deaths have further strained already tense US-Pakistan relations beyond repairs, threatening Washington’s attempts to get Pakistan to cooperate on the illegal Afghan war on fake sept-11 hoax.
Pakistanis have long tolerated the NATO terror syndicates using their oils as terror sanctuaries and their deadly operations even against the Pakistani solders to kill Muslims.
Now the general feeling among Pakistanis is to reject the US crime aids as service charges for their collaboration against their own genuine interests – to kill Muslims. There is thus strong anger, open and simmering, in the country of badly wounded Pakistanis across all domains and the bilateral ties have steadily deteriorated despite billions of dollars in American aid.
Perhaps, the CIA had underestimated the ability of Pakistani regime and military to retaliate in most fitting manner. Expecting the Zardari reign only to pester for more aid from Washington after the Nato terror attack, USA was visibly shocked that the Pakistan retaliated immediately by closing its Afghan border crossings to NATO supplies, demanding the US vacate an air base used by American drones and boycotting an international conference held in Bonn, Germany, aimed at “stabilizing” Afghanistan.
In post-Nato terrorism that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, Pakistani regime temporarily recalled some troops from border posts meant to coordinate activity with international forces in Afghanistan as relations have been pushed to an all-time low by NATO airstrikes. The troops were pulled back for “consultation” on how to improve coordination with NATO and should be back at their posts within the next few days, said Pakistan army spokesman Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas. He did not specify the number of troops who would be recalled, but said some would remain at the border centers.
US officials also confirmed that Pakistan pulled out of at least two of the three centers along the border and expressed concern about the potential impact. The decision, however, highlighted current problems with coordination because US military officials seemed to think it was another retaliatory move by Pakistan for the NATO strikes. CIA and NATO feared it would hamper their continuous “efforts” to liaise with Pakistani forces and increase the risk for another misunderstanding.
The US media are diverting the deliberate NATO terror operations against Pakistani military and have even tried to justify the NATO fascism by offering the readymade different accounts of what led to the NATO attacks against two army posts along the Pak-Afghan border before dawn on Nov. 26. US officials have said the airstrikes have been the most serious blow to a relationship that has been battered by a series of crises this year, including the covert American raid that killed Osama bin Laden in a Pakistani garrison town in May. Pakistan was outraged because it wasn’t told about the operation beforehand.
Americans are hard-nuts to break so easily and are damn sure of their ability to coerce the Pakistani regime and military through persuasive triclomacy to do “more”. Reports now suggest Pakistani Gilani said that Pakistan wants to somehow “repair” relations with the USA.
Even since they came to occupy Pakistani soil, killing Muslims, the NATO terrorist shave killed Pakistani solders but not every incident was reported to the media even by the Pakistani side. NATO attacks have killed Pakistani troops at least three different times along the porous and poorly defined border since 2008, but the Nov. 26 incident in the Mohmand tribal area was by far the most deadly. Even in latest attack, Pakistani officials have also said the NATO terror attack continued even after Pak military authorities contacted one of the border coordination centers.
Washington’s decision to leave the base on Dec. 11 shows how the NATO attacks on Nov. 26 have plunged the already strained US-Pakistan relationship to an all-time low, putting an end to the NATO illegal war in Afghanistan.

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