IoK CM’s Divorce Myth Busted; Only Deed Ever Done In The Name of Islam!

By: Azaan Khan
Indian Occupied Kashmir’s puppet Chief Minister – Omar Abdullah – is a man of principles! Very religious at times! Man with a pious mission – to make peace prevail in the disputed land! Hey! I’m not a National Confrence supporter. Don’t you see I just called him a ‘puppet’ which he is without any dispute. Infact, it is not even debatable. I was recalling the NC workers’ version.
The recent events that unfolded in the life of ‘Indian Show-piece’ in the disputed land of IoK, have had quite an affect on him internally – brain as well as externally – hair. The height of his stress is that he has forgot to extend his e-Governance program beyond his twitter account. He orders, announces, asks, yells, cries, laments all but on Twitter. Followers feel very delighted to see his tweets in their feed as most of these become Headlines for some of his party sponsored local newspapers.
What has happened to him? Why does he seem to have renounced the life? Was her wife disloyal? I met a lot of people, some close and some unknown to the ‘Twitter CM’. Some people argued that he was unhappy because of problems with his fake ‘power-partner’ Congress, some pointed towards his divorce while others maintained that he was annoyed at his father for making ‘insane’ statements. But in all this, I just wanted to bust the myth of why he resorted to divorce.
What is so important about his divorce? Divorces keep happening! Nearly 2.68 million couples divorced in neighbouring country China in 2010 alone. If you think like this, still I would say his divorce is important. After all, he is the puppet CM of a disputed land whose resolutions are with the UN. He is seated in the office to make sure IoK remains to be the highest militarised place on the planet. He has been given the task of enforcing graveyard’s silence here so as to allow Delhi yell to the world that ‘Kashmir is peaceful’. He can do anything for Delhi and would never run away like his wife did! Summer of 2010 serves as the best example ever. Even if a 9-year old Sameer Rah seems a threat to Delhi’s version of ‘peace’, he will not shy away from his duty of sheiding murderer so called ‘Indian security forces’. And, if such a man is having what they call ‘a tough time’, then we ought to cherish it.
A few sexagenarian men – his party activists – told me the ‘official’ version on the condition of anonymity. According to them, Mr. Omar was offering Night prayers (Isha) in his bedroom while his wife – Payal, comforting her pet dog, was also present in the very room. The dog ran over the ‘Jai-e-Nimaz’ (an Islamic prayer carpet) that was let go by Mrs. Abdullah intentionally or unintentionally. On this, Mr. Omar got angry and asked his wife to refrain from such provocative acts. His wife maintained that there was nothing wrong with her act and her pet was free to roam anywhere in the house. This statement was sheer blasphemy. In a fit of rage, Mr. Omar decided to divorce her wife.
“Mr. Omar was not satisfied with the behaviour of his wife. She hardly allowed her sons to participate in Muslim congregations with their father. She even demanded that one of her son should adapt her own religion – Sikhism. All these things were responsible for the loss of bond of love between the couple and eventually led to the separation. What happened on the fateful evening only acted as a trigger”, says a close relative of the Abdullah’s.
“Most of the people don’t know but it’s a reality that Mr. Omar never intends to miss a prayer. But being a CM itself speaks a lot about the hectic schedule of tasks that he has on his plate everyday”, praises out an NC activist.
There were many reports about the issue in the media before as well. Some reports were floating in Delhi that CM Omar Abdullah and his wife got divorced by mutual consent so that CM Omar can marry Nidhi Razdan, a Kashmiri news anchor with NDTV 24×7. Incidently, the anchor is a divorcee and has been in two live-in relationships since her divorce. The marriage is being opposed by his father Farooq Abdullah and his party. NC wants him to marry a Kashmiri Muslim girl, the reports revealed. But Mr. CM played down all such rumours and said that he had no such plans in the near future.
Whatever the reason for your divorce Mr. CM, your love with Twitter will definitely keep on blossoming in the time to come because you might know “machines don’t have emotions”. With increasing number of followers, you will certainly realise the dream project of e-Governance! Good luck then and start tweeting at regular intervals. Ops! Sorry. I forgot there are no intervals in your life. In intervals, your secretary sneaks-in ribbon-cutting ceremonies for so called ‘developmental works’.
Anyway, go and tweet the latest order you received from Delhi lest your “puppet” is in danger to fade away for a little while. By the way, I heard you think a lot these days. Hmm. . . That is strange because puppets don’t have to think!


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