Justice Prevails Everytime An Injustice Is Committed Against Us

By: Koshur Mazloom
Ehsan Jaffery was an Indian Ex-Member of Parliament. He persuaded his Muslims neighbours of “Gulberg Society” to stay with him in his house during 2002 Gujrat riots. He thought, since he was an ex-parliamentarian of Indian democracy, Indian state would save him and his guests from Trishuls and Talwaars (Swords) of his Hindu electorate who had gone thirsty for the Muslim blood. He was wrong. No one came to the rescue of his democratic secular parliamentarian avatar. For them, his real qualification mattered the most and that qualification was of being a Muslim. As the savages marched towards “Gulberg Society” with Trishuls, Talwaars, knives, torches and fuel bottles in their hands gunning for the Muslim blood, Ehsan Jaffery called Police higher ups, his Congress party-men in New Delhi, his friends in ‘unbiased’ media and Narendra Modi’s office. He wanted someone among them to rescue him and his guests from the beastly wrath of Hindu hate-mongers. Everyone promised to help but no one came. . . He kept on calling and they kept on promising. . . Hours passed by and few dozen Ram Sewaks swelled up to hundreds.
They broke opened the doors, scaled the boundary walls of “Gulberg Society” and ran amok with fury. They pounced on everyone inside, irrespective of age and gender. Savagery was exhibited under the watchful eyes of the Police, whose help Mr. Jaffery had sought few hours back.
Ehsan Jaffery was lynched along with his Parliamentarian pride. His arms were cut and thrown into the fire. His neighbours were hacked to death and bodies ripped apart by frenzied mobs. 69 innocent Muslims along with Ehsan Jaffery were killed and burnt in the fires of hate. 69 more innocents thus got consumed in this ‘secular’ gesture of Democratic India.
Today, Ehsan Jaffery’s widow Zakia Jaffery lost her case against ‘Butcher of the East’, Narendra Modi in the Supreme Court of the same Democratic India. She wanted to punish the killers of her husband and her innocent neighbours. She fought a losing battle in the ‘Secular’ courts of India. She thought ‘Justice’ will prevail and ‘Secularism’ will win. But she was wrong as always. Her husband too had thought that ‘Secular’ India would save him. How could she forget that?
This poster-boy hero of many Indians, celebrated the deliverance of ‘Justice’ and tweeted, “God is Great”.
Farooq Abdullah wanted to see his this ‘God’ in Modi’s eyes.
BJP after this historic judgment of exoneration of ‘Innocent’ criminal has now unofficially nominated him as the future Prime Ministerial Candidate of the proud Republic of India. A new ‘God’ for Farooq Abdullah is gradually getting birth; coming years after elections in India shall show.
Those who kill Muslims in India are rewarded with power. India, no doubt is a laboratory for anti-Muslim ‘Democracies’ of the world. India has, unwillingly, always proved ‘Two-Nation Theory’ of Qaid-e-Azam Jinnah right and ‘Secular India Theory’ of Sheikh Abdullah wrong.
While Narendra Modi has copied Muslim ‘Allah hu Akbar’ slogan by saying, “God is Great “, we Muslims should never think that Justice has not prevailed. It has and is prevailing every time injustices are committed against the Muslims of Kashmir and Muslims of India.
Why do we forget the teachings of Quran?
3 : 28 Al Quran
“Let not the believers take the disbelievers as Auliya (supporters, helpers, etc.) instead of the believers, and whoever does that will never be helped by Allah in any way, except if you indeed fear a danger from them. And Allah warns you against Himself (His Punishment), and to Allah is the final return”
Is not the above verse proving that whatever has happened is all as per the verdict of Allah, the Almighty.
Now can someone please go to the graves of Sheikh Abdullah and Moulana Abul Kalaam Azaad and engrave these above verses on their protected tomb stones.
Verily! Allah is the best planner.
Allow me to say, “Allah is the greatest”. He always proves that. Allah hu Akbar.


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