‘My boss is Soniya Ji’ – And the boss is flattered. She lets her lackey continue. CM? Who cares!


To escape the tedium of debate, the “Honorable” members of parliament and legislative assemblies have invented their own device of relief. Steal a nap and don’t care what happens around. Perhaps that is their liking to maintain the “dignity” of the House. Silence and occasional outpourings, after all, characterize legislative proceedings. The three Karnataka BJP ministers added one more innovative product: Remaining all awaken they derived ‘entertainment’ in watching pornography on one of their cell phones. TV camera got them (and their party too) transfixed. Within less than 24 hours they had to quit the government job and the cabinet.
Had the BJP ministers watched the film clip at some other place, outside, “august House”, the incident even coming to fore, would have ceased grabbing attention. What they were axed for was not per se a criminal offence they perpetrated, warranting their sacking – a clip they visualized, after all, rested and ended at their doors alone, doing no harm to anyone else. The question of probity in public life, this time, squeezed roots of escapism for the BJP to defend their members and that hammered their exit.
Congress leader Peerzadah Muhammad Syed’s exam gate, in comparison to the porn-clip visual, is graver and more stinky. Tagged not only with question of impropriety, the “bold venture” the minister took corrupted the institutions he promised to defend. He forced his subordinates to subvert the law and defy the norms. The ‘foot soldier’ of Sonia Ji misused his position and dragged others in the crime field. ‘Departmental tussles’ excuses invented by the Minister don’t gel with the hard reality on the ground. The meltdown of moral reactor at higher positions powers several other second rung reactors to spread toxicity in several other directions.
That the tainted minister has the cheek to declare: ‘I had forwarded resignation to the Sonia Ji but it has not been accepted by the high command’, speaks volumes of how Delhi holds people in general and Omar-led government, in particular, in “high esteem”! As the Peerzadah episode grimly reflects Delhi is fixated in humiliating down Kashmiri politicians, irrespective of what persuasion they belong to. Whether it is the case of hooking “off-stream” leadership, offering them bait of ‘unconditional dialogue’, (Geelani, the exception) or their Trojan horses from “main-stream” political groups, Delhi’s track record reminds us it has many Shylocks under its belt to exact that last pound of flesh. And that it derives a vicarious pleasure in flattening down the institutions, dialogue or governance: Both. The tragic part of the story is that the entire political leadership of India, the civil society, the powerful media all along maintain a culpable silence signaling their approval to dubious methods aimed at undermining law and authority, in complicity with rulers in Delhi. Imagine a Peerzadah inflicting insult to institution of chief ministership by submitting resignation to Congress head, by passing CM of Kashmir, and Sonia Ji declining the resignation (of a minister indicted by Crime branch), how would have Indian’s reacted? There even the silhouetted reflections are called to account, here the answer book in two hands displayed to public scrutiny never make them deflect their probing antennae. There the powerful Kalmadees are sent packing in Tihar. Here our own Kalmadees are projected as the specimens of honesty.
Lest Kashmir politics generate its own teeth, such shock therapies are reserved for “mainstream” politicians in Kashmir. But for Delhi too the divinity executes its own revenge: the alienation of Kashmiris and more and more acceptability of what they say ‘extremist’ forces.
There is no doubt that the Peerzadah’s continuation in the cabinet is a huge snub to Chief Minister. It has further lowered the prestige of CM’s institution. With a tainted minister in the council of ministers sitting next to him, of course with the blessings of Maharani at 10 Janpath, Chief Minister’s latest drive against corrupt officials certainly raises questions. You forcibly retire some lower rung official but share bonhomie with a corrupt supreme. Sharks are set free and small fries nabbed. That is how, coalition Dharma does wonders here, courtesy, Sonia Ji. But “mainstream” leaders are equally responsible for reaping this poisonous ugly harvest. Engineer Rashid, MLA Langate is right when he says: ‘Delhi treats us all as casual laborers on need basis?
PDP’s response to such happenings, as usual, smacks of hypocrisy and sheer opportunism. It knows where the buck rests. But like a jealous woman it keeps fighting its Soatan and to win back the love of its estranged Sartaj, plays his scavenger and dumps his muck at her Soutan’s front yard.
Tail Piece: – Till both NC and PDP avoid playing this kind of shrewd politicking during the time they run government, Congress would walk away with a big share. And with a big stick to silence them and shame them.

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Hassan Zainagiree
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