Class 12th students taking part in JKBOSE examination
Class 12th students taking part in JKBOSE examination

Education is the process of facilitating learning and acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs and habits. As quoted by Nelson Mandela too, “Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world.”

In connection with the above quote, we can also say the main aim of education is to impart knowledge, skill and information to the students to make them self-reliant and not to be a ‘parasite’ upon others.

Given the recent exam results, it seems that education has lost its real essence here. Undoubtedly, it sounds good that below-average students attainted great numbers too but at the same time, it pained me because the midnight oil-burners didn’t get what they deserved.

Children remained away from schools for years and how could it be possible that all students achieve such great numbers? Isn’t it a worrying sign?

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Let me explain, unemployment is at peak, even PhD scholars are struggling for Class-IV job. Is it not a cut-throat competition? When today’s toppers sit in competitive exams, a maximum of them cut sorry figures. It shows that the results are a treat to students.

I’m not feeling jealous or trying to discourage the students but I want to convey in clear and lucid words that we need to erase the concept of ‘mass promotion’ and ‘grace marks’. At the same time, the government must formulate such a strategy that would be beneficial to students in future, given the added volatility due to COVID-19.

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We are all aware that how students became crazy for such things in recent years while showing total disinterest in learning and understanding things. Why they are not thinking beyond this and accept the fact that circumstances would never remain the same.

It is the need of the hour for the government to come up with a concrete, new strategy which would appeal to every student and motivate them to enter into the real educational realm so that they can take reigns of the nation upon their shoulders tomorrow.

They must be schooled that life is not a cakewalk but a butt of waves and tides and it’s only the qualitative education that would develop rich and healthy values and beliefs among them.

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