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Do you know how our attitude and behaviour affect others? Usually, when we meet someone whom we know and think he/she is a good person, we give them a smile first and then we shake hands with them. This smile is natural and real which comes as a gesture of kindness on our faces. In contrast, when we meet someone whom we don’t like or hate, we become furious upon seeing them and move our heads away.

Negative thoughts arise in our minds. Our happy mood changes automatically from happiness to anger. All these gestures we see occur because of our minds. So these gestures matter. Now, our behavior and attitude which is made up of many different gestures also matter a lot in front of others. So our behavior and attitude toward others can hurt people or let them feel lovely. By our behaviour, usually sensitive and innocent get hurt, when people do non-sense things with them.

Usually, we call children innocent because they are unaware of this world. They don’t know the truth about people and the world. They don’t harm anyone with any bad intentions. They are not clever and have no greed. And when these children grow up, this innocence fades away. They experience many things and learn to take responsibility. But their experience and environment shape them. Remember a person never changes himself and is changed by his surroundings.

When a child suffers from problems at an early age, he gets physically or mentally tested more than usual. He gets an environment where he finds himself insecure, weak, hated by others, and quite different from them. This bad condition affects him. He never forgets it because he tolerated these things when he was in his childhood when his heart was soft and his mind immature. He was unable to handle these things. That’s why his past shapes his character at a young age. When this child reaches the age of 12, we find him different from others. This type of past make these type of people strong and independent or make them innocent.

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Who are innocents?

Innocents are those who have pure hearts and minds. They are pure and true souls. They are usually frank, kind and treat everyone equally. They don’t interfere in others’ life with greed. There is no sign of pride and betrayal in them. They are kind, lovely and friendly. They love people for no reason and want to be loved. They have positive thoughts everywhere. They think good and want good for others. They don’t want to be enemies. They don’t harm anyone and if anyone harms them, they take it to the heart. They cry and laugh easily. They are usually sensitive.

Do you know what problems hurt innocents face in their lives by our bad gestures or attitude? You may have seen people hurt innocents and impeccant. They become really different from normal people just because they usually cry and laugh over little things. And usually, they bear everything wrong with them without sighing.

Generally, we see people hurt them most just because they think innocents are weak. They annoy them and make fun of them while these innocents tolerate these things with their soft hearts. But a time comes when their humility and innocence get so hurt that they become the most dangerous persons.


This is the time when their endurance and innocence break along with their hearts. They become so violent that they seek revenge and want to break the hearts of their annoyers. Nothing seems sinful and inaccurate to them. They neither listen to heart nor mind. Their decencies remain hidden but this change is not pleasing for them because, after this, they usually stay alone and depressed. They prefer darkness instead of light. They become unsociable.

By their rude conditions, it looks like they don’t cry and laugh as they used to. They don’t possess hearts and innocence as they had. They may become rude but it is because of their hurt and disturbed innocence. They are still companions of truth and prefer to stay on the right path. They are not our enemies after this change but we seem to be their enemies because of our treatment. We become killers of their innocence through our bad treatment and improper attitude.

How to treat these ‘killed’ souls?

Since they are hungry for love, affection and respect, so they should be given these things. As they feel alone, so be a good friend who makes them feel happy and loves this world. Tell them that they should control their emotions which hurt them more.

And the most important thing is to keep them away from depressed and dark environments. Keep them away from bad attitudes and bad behavior, and let them feel that revenge is nothing. Tell them don’t be too weak which lets others hurt them more.

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