The conspiracy called Sadhbhavana

The perpetrators of state terrorism Army and allied forces of India have inflicted heavy damage and loss of men and material in Kashmir. Over one lakh, regardless of age and gender, were done to death mercilessly. Thousands were arrested, tortured and detained. Thousands were disabled and at least ten thousand were subjected to enforced disappearance. Besides violating the chastity of our women folk, properties, chattels and business establishments worth trillions of rupees were either set on fire or blasted and ruined in ashes. Fruit orchards were uprooted. Jungles were deforested and timber was smuggled in huge quantities to Indian states. People were forced to pay ransom of huge amounts for the release of their children. Kashmir for Army and allied forces is a gold mine fetching them millions. Before some years this revelation was made by the media that Army and Para military officers are bribing to their higher ups for either retaining their posting in Kashmir or for transfer to Kashmir. By this revelation one can easily understand what the Indian forces are doing in Kashmir? How they are making hay in sunshine? Disputing the revocation of Disturbed Area Act and Armed Forces Special Powers Act by the Indian forces is understandable. These forces for their personal benefit want to remain engaged in Kashmir and these draconian laws have empowered them with impunity, to kill, arrest, detain, molest, rape and vilify any person. These forces are working in Kashmir above law, trampling international covenants on Human Rights, including universal declaration of Human Rights, International Bill of Rights, and Geneva Red Cross Conventions.
This way the presence and brutal oppression of these Indian occupation forces have attributed in the alienation of Kashmiri people against India to the extent of hate. People of Kashmir call these forces Dracula’s as they are sucking the blood of Kashmiri people. These forces are responsible for the death and destruction in Kashmir. Given such ruthlessness, barbarism and insanity of Indian forces the people in Kashmir hate them, abuse them and curse them and will never ever like to befriend them. But Indian establishment which is holding Kashmir by suppressive tactics through its army has its colonial policy and wants to further strengthen it. So it has ordered its forces including Army and allied forces to lure the people in Kashmir by some seemingly friendly gestures like operation Sadhbhavana, a well calculated and conspired drama staged by Army and allied forces of India at the behest of Indian establishment in order to divert the attention from cruelties and ruthless offensive these have been carrying out against the Kashmiri people to curb or silence their legitimate voice and demand of freedom. Under this Sadhbhavana conspiracy minor students from far flung border areas are forced to go for Bharat Darshan. Now the Army has moved a step further and motivated some self styled Moulvis (religious preachers) for Bharat Darshan. Cricket tournaments are also arranged outside Kashmir and Kashmiri youth are bribed and this way motivated to play cricket with the cricket players of Indian States. All these delegations are given warm reception in India to make them believe about the so called human attitude and hospitality of Indian Army. Students, Moulvis and sportsmen from Kashmir are provided the chance of meeting and interaction with the highest political positions of India who are trying to motivate them for accepting Indian nationality. Somewhere bus stops and somewhere computer centers are thrown open for Kashmiri people. All this is being done under a well devised conspiracy. The motive behind it is to legitimize the illegal and forced occupation and hide the draconian and satanic deeds of Indian Forces.
A word of caution for the people of Kashmir. They need to understand that after struggling hugely and sacrificing supremely for freedom from India, there is no chance of retreat. Hence Kashmiris need to understand the deceit and conspiracy of India. Befitting answer to India is necessary and for that matter we have to ignore personal interest and think of collective interest. Our collective interest is in rejecting such offers and concessions from Indian Army and other Indian Forces. This way Kashmir will attain salvation from subjugation. The pro-freedom leadership needs to devise a comprehensive plan and policy to discourage the India conspiracies.
Author – Mohammad Yousuf Naqash – is chief patron Islamic Political Party (JK) which is constituent of APHC (M).

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