The real target of America

By: Mohammad Faheem
American invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 was termed by some serious thinkers and intellectuals as the first step of the big game planned to reach the atomic assets of Pakistan at the end. Such cautions from people having the ideological belief, had very little response particularly from the ruling secular elite of that time headed by Musharraf, who lacked the courage to demonstrate resilience to the American illicit pressure. The final goal of the Crusaders in Washington was the dismantling of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenals for which Afghanistan was to be turned into a launching pad. The series of events and recent developments give a clear indication towards that direction. America’s top leadership, both civil and military, have been seriously engaged during the past few weeks to demonize Pakistan’s armed forces, specifically the ISI to be responsible for the attacks at the heart of Kabul on the important American centres, including its embassy. They have accused the ISI to be backing the Haqqani network which has been incriminated to be responsible for these deadly attacks from North Waziristan Agency of Pakistan. If we go back into the retrospect, we find that Taliban were all prepared for dialogue on the Osama issue after the 9/11 episode. America could have achieved its purpose of Osama’s extradition through diplomatic channels and by using the good offices of Pakistan. America turned down every peaceful offerTaliban were making for the settlement of the Osama issue and launched her attack against Afghanistan. Pakistani leadership took a U-turn and offered its full support to America by providing all facilities of ground, air and sea to the aggressor to haunt the empty handed Taliban in the name of ‘war on terrorism’. Musharraf did all this for the sake of prolonging his illegitimate rule with the American support. Some political parties (calling themselves as leftists), a group of journalists and intellectuals completely endorsed the American policies of aggression in the region in the same way they had done when the USSR had attacked Afghanistan in the early eighties. This group of journalists and political intellectuals ran their media campaign so vigorously that Pakistani rulers did not heed the least to review their newly-adopted track under the American threat of, “With us or with the enemy”. Dislodging the Taliban and haunting the so-called Afghan insurgents, America grounded herself deeply in Afghanistan with all her might aided by the NATO and other allied forces in addition to the Northern alliance and Karzai’s puppet administration in Kabul. America gave ample room to the Indian interference, both covert and overt, and the Indian RAW took a glaring and active anti-Pakistan adventurism on the Afghan soil in full connivance of American CIA. The sabotaging activities in the country, particularly in the KPK, the naked aggression against Pakistan on the vulnerable points through the border line and the insurgency in Balochistan are good indicators to that situation. She has been promoting the idea of terrifying the West and all the anti-Islamic forces of the atomic weapons likely to fall into the hands of terrorists. To travel through all her journey, America has discovered very rightly that there are three very important hurdles in her way to reach her final goal, the atomic assets of Pakistan. At the top there is a very trained and disciplined army filled with the strength of deep conviction (Eiman) which is a source of Unity, Discipline and Jehad, the slogan of our armed forces. Second to the armed forces we have a world top ranking intelligence agency the ISI. America and all the inimical forces of this ideological country have joined hands in propagating a very negative picture of these inevitable organs of the security of the country. Through the media war, the Western media in general and that of America in particular are busy in disseminating all types of disinformation in order to undermine the credibility and prestige of our armed forces and the ISI both. To make this notorious campaign more effective and ambitious there are certain people within the country who are aiding the efforts of these forces in exchange of dollars. These include the so-called commentators and analysts who are trying to attribute every evil and activities of terrorism to be the planning of the security forces and the ISI. If one listens to the two programmes of the VOA, the Pushto channel of the Dewa Radio and the Urdu programme ‘In the News’ (Aap Ki Duniya) one can easily conclude how the state-run programmes are misleading the world about Pakistan. The Pushto programme particularly promotes the hatred against the armed forces and also accelerates the negative thinking already existing in the form of provincialism and nationalism. These programmes are always attributing all negative developments to the armed forces and those political parties and groups which believe in the ideological structure of the country. The third main hurdle in the way of the enemies of Pakistan is the Tribal citizens of Pakistan, whom the Quaid-e-Azam had named as the hands-and-arms of Pakistan. History is witness to the fact that the present Azad Kashmir on the Pakistan side is a gift of these tribal ‘mujahids’ who had reclaimed it from the Hindus after partition. We also know that during these six decades we did not need deployment of any security forces on our western border since our tribal brethren were manning these frontiers without any remuneration. They had proved their worth as the unpaid, informal and traditional force with all their capabilities of thwarting any untoward aggression from the west. During the rein of the Islamic Emirate of the Taliban of Afghanistan, our west was safe to an exemplary standard. To create cracks in the solidarity between our armed forces and the tribal Pakhtuns, America worked on the multi-dimensional conspiracies and created a gulf between the two organs, responsible for the security and solidarity of the country. Through manipulation of the situation in these areas by importing terrorism in the shape of Mullahs, saboteurs, suicidal bombers, target killers, invisible Raymond Davis etc the most patriotic armed forces were forced for confrontation against the ill-informed but undoubtedly equally patriotic tribal Pakistanis. America has been struggling through all this decade-long terrorist activities to widen the gulf between the two important elements of strength and solidarity for Pakistan. She seems to be successful to a great extent in her nefarious designs as is evident from her threats of unilateral action on this soil if we do not take up our sleeves against the Haqqani network, a nightmare for the American generals and the civil administration in the White House. We Pakistanis do remember that conspiracies against Mr. Z. A. Bhutto were hatched by the Americans and he was murdered since he boldly denied bowing before America on the issue of initiating the project for the nuclear arsenals. How can the same America see the atomic assets in the hands of Pakistan, considered by Israel and India as their arch enemy? The troika consisting of America, Israel and India has perfected all its offensive regarding reaching our nuclear installations. The network of terrorists established by these forces have been carrying out all their destructive activities in the mosques, funeral prayers, public places and every where it finds a chance. It makes no difference if all such terrorist acts are being carried out through the fugitives from Pakistan drained out as a result of Army action or the ones purchased from the Northern Alliance or more sophisticatedly trained the likes of Raymond Davis. We had been very categorically cautioned by the Iranian President, Ahmadinejad in June this year that America has completely drawn out its notorious plan of attacking our nuclear assets. He had claimed to have this information through very authentic sources. Anyhow, the Pakistani rulers did not take this note seriously. Attacks of Abbottabad and on the PNS Mehran in Karachi were a test case and probably a rehearsal for the purpose under reference. We should see writing on the wall and seriously ponder over the situation since Obama has already approved American attack on our nuclear assets. In a complicated situation like this, the All Parties Conference convened on Sept. 29th seems to be an important event showing solidarity of the nation behind their armed forces for the defence of the country. However, the message conveyed across the spectrum was very weak and it did not mention even the name of America, who has created this dubious situation for us. It seems like an FIR, in which the name of the accused and the crime committed is missing. Under these uncertain circumstances, we need to review our past policies viz-a-viz our partnership with the US in the so-called war on terror. Some of the suggestions are as follow. We should bring all the mutually agreed items of action in a written memorandum prepared on the basis of equality as is done between the two sovereign states. We should redefine clearly and unambiguously all the elements of our engagement with US with clear conditions specifying the limits to which we can go. The limits to which both the parties can go should clearly be mentioned and the red lines indicated very neatly and conspicuously which should not be transgressed by any of the parties in all circumstances. The logistic facilities we have given to the US and NATO must be recompensed specifically mentioning every segment that is under use for the purpose.We should have a clear commitment and guarantee of the US that India must remain within the limits as far as her interference in the Afghan affairs are conflicting to our interest. America should fully guarantee that there will be no future armed incursion in our country as repeated many a time during the past few months on the borders of Dir, Chitral and Bajaur Agency. We should have a clear guarantee of the US Administration that there will be no secret agents on our soil. We should also emphasize on the Americans to take note of the activities of the Indian consulates working on the soil occupied by the American occupation forces. Any problem/issue arising between the two should be addressed through dialogue and finding mutual solution rather than to resort to threats and pressure.


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