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مجاہدِ آزادی

بندوق اٹھاکر زمانہ دہشتگرد کہتا ہے جسے اہل وطن کی نظر میں ہے وہ مجاہدِ آزادی۔ زمانہ کچھ بھی کہہ دے گاہار کر تیری لڑائی سے...

Independence not a viable option, says Farooq Abdullah

Srinagar: Member Parliament from Srinagar and former J&K chief minister Farooq Abdullah Saturday said independence is not a viable option for landlocked Kashmir. According to...

What happened when a tourist asked Kashmiri kids to explain Aazadi

Srinagar: A video has gone viral on social networking sites in which a tourist is seen asking Kashmiri kids to explain Aazadi (Freedom). A tourist...

Sikh leader speaks up for Kashmir’s liberation during ‘Itihad-e-Millat’ gathering in...

A huge pro-freedom rally was held in Arihal area of Pulwama district. A Sikh leader spoke in favor of Kashmir's liberation during the 'Itihad-e-Millat' gathering. The...

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