Afzal’s letter to Geelani reveals: Hang me or send me to Srinagar jail

Srinagar, Feb 17: Afzal in a letter addressed to Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani had desired that he should either be hanged or should be sent to Srinagar jail, till the government takes a final call on him.
He had linked attack on Indian parliament to Kashmir conflict. The letter reads: “Hanging Afzal will not put an end to such attacks. Martyrdom is our biggest wish and gift.” Afzal had said in a letter that since 1931 one lac people have offered their lives for faith.
“You (Geelani) have emerged as a spokesman of Kashmir, here in Thar jail all the prisoners from Kashmir are either prisoners of war or prisoners of conflict, believe Kashmir is an international dispute, Government of India not only persecutes us but also tortures and torments us. Inflicts agony and pain on our families by dragging them into litigations,” the letter reads.
“The jail superintendent discusses Kashmir issue with me sometimes. I told him demilitarization is the first step towards resolution of Kashmir.”
Letter further reads: “I told him Kashmir dispute will not end by hanging Afzal Guru. I feel sorry and ashamed that my family has filed a mercy petition for which I apologise to my people. It was unwise of me to listen to some friends and sympathizers.”
Afzal’s further wirtes: “How long would Indian forces continue to persecute and humiliate Kashmiri people, it will continue to be the worst kind of terrorism.”
It adds: “The state sponsored terrorism has rendered unsafe honour and dignity of our mother and daughters. Since 2009, I have relentlessly tried for my transfer from Tihar jail to Kashmir. I wrote to the Home Department also but they refused. I was told that J&K government has refused to accept my transfer to Srinagar. Newspapers quoted Omar Abdullah as saying that his office did not receive any such application. I have prepared a petition myself for transfer that too is pending in supreme court for last one year. In the petition I have argued that court has sentenced me to death and not life imprisonment. Keeping me in jail for long is illegal and unconstitutional. Therefore I shall either be hanged or shifted to Srinagar till the time government takes the final decision about me. I read in the newspapers that Omar Abdullah has expressed apprehensions that I might be hanged. I have been always and especially in the fasting month of Ramadan praying to all to grant me the death of a martyr.”


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