Christians in Kashmir living with honor and dignity: Yaseen Malik

Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman, Mohammad Yaseen Malik Saturday said that Islam and Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) has given us the lesson of tolerance and respect for other religions.
“There is no compulsion in religion and Holy Quran is a beacon of light for us. Kashmiris are famous for their religious tolerance throughout the world at many critical stages of history we also have not abandoned this particular attribute of ours,” Malik told Executive Secretary of National Council of churches in India, A. Samuel Jayakumar today.
Samuel Jayakumar who is representing the head of the church of north India Dr. Rouger and other Christian leaders visited JKLF head quarters early today and met Malik and other Front leaders and exchanged views.
While welcoming Samuel Jayakumar, the JKLF chairman said that Christian community in Jammu and Kashmir has been living with honor and dignity from centuries here and the Muslims of Kashmir have never interfered in their religious affairs, nor have they ever tried to stop or harm them.
“But as millions of people during the recent struggle of the independence movement suffered heavy losses of life and economy some NGO’s tried to exploit their poverty and through bribe and in the guise of other benefits encouraged some people to change their religion. Such offending efforts resulted in hurting the feelings of Muslims of Kashmir,” Malik said.
“But this does not mean that we leave our own values and religious obligations regarding the people living with us. And try to harm or do anything silly against our Christian brothers. This also does not mean that we indulge in any such activity that may harm or frighten our Christian brothers living in Kashmir,” he added.
The JKLF Chairman condemned the people who try to bribe others for religion change. “We also remember and acknowledge the efforts of our Christian community in the fields of education and health sector. Our religion, our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the Quran teaches us to treat others with equality, brotherhood and human behavior and I assure my Christian brothers living here that they can and must, without any fear live here and fulfill their religious duties,” he assured the visiting Christian delegation.
Malik said, “If we all could respect and restore the feelings and emotions of one another and will respect one another’s religions, this world will become a good place to live.”
On the occasion Samuel Jayakumar while describing the religion change through bribing as an immoral practice and opposite to religious teachings of Christianity said that National Council of churches in India does not favour this kind of corruption.
He said that inciting religious transformation by bribing people is an unethical and inhumane act and the National Council of churches in India does not hold this policy. Samuel Jayakumar praised the Kashmiri peoples tolerance, humanity, hospitality, and hoped that Muslims and Christians would live as brothers in future also.


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